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Important Disclaimer: Every criminal case is different, and each presents its own unique challenges and circumstances. Results that may be possible for one case may not be possible for others. So, if you are charged with a crime, do not assume these results may be obtained in your particular case. However, you may rest assured that we will do our best in representing you.

2019-6-17 - Redacted - Testimonial and A

"[Mr. Pare] was very confident and dependable. Never missed a trial. Contacted consistently. Went out of his way to find a common ground to speak with me. Very Friendly. Made sure his job was entirely completed"

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Possession of Marijuana 0-2 OZ

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This case presented significant issues. Our client is deaf and was born in Mexico; he communicated almost entirely through sign language. He could read and understand written English; however, Spanish was the written language he was most comfortable with. It took almost a year of logistical issues and a trial setting, but eventually the State agreed to dismiss the case. Credit must be given to the Client; it takes guts to turn down a plea offer and set a criminal case for trial. 

Unlawful Carry of a Weapon and Possession of Marijuana 0-2 OZ

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"Since day one Mr. Pare was assigned to my case since the first conversation I had with him he was very understanding of my case and listened to what I had to say and was willing to take his time with me. It's crazy because when I explained my situation to him he automatically felt like the case was in my favor I was so nervous though and felt like everyone was just out to get me for something i hadn't done but he knew deep down and trusted me deep down in his heart that we could beat this case when he suggested that we take it to trial i gave it some time because i was really nervous about it and i had people telling me how you can’t trust court appointed attorneys and such but i had a different vibe about this one and i really felt he could be trusted and today made me the happiest I’ve been in a long time to hear that my cases was dismissed, Mr.Pare worked with me for these months stayed on me about everything i needed to Win and always told me the truth i really felt like he wanted to win more then i did at times and I’m very thankful for him. If y’all really need someone you can trust i would advise y’all to seek him you won’t be let down!!"


-Formerly Accused

Two Count Indictment: Forgery and False Statement to Obtain Property or Credit


"Mr. Pare did a wonderful job representing me. He was very thorough when looking over paper work that I had and believed would help my case. Mr. Pare was understanding and supportive and clear when explaining to me what to expect at each upcoming hearing. I was not a very cooperative client and Mr. Pare didn't give up on me. I will always be grateful and thankful for his patience and understanding. I would recommend him and his firm again without a second thought."

-Formerly Accused

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